Hyperthermic Perfusion System
Performer ® HT is an advanced, simple and safe system intended to provide isolated hyperthermic perfusion in the thoracic or peritoneal cavity by means of extra-corporeal circulation of warmed, physiologically compatible sterile solution, according to a physician determined protocol. The device must be used by a qualified medical professional who is experienced in the operation of this or similar equipment.
Heating and Temperature Monitoring
The high-efficiency heater is designed in order to reproduce a suitable heating trend, with the aim of minimizing the thermal shock on Patient’s tissues, assuring at the same time the gradual and even thermal conditioning of the perfused region.
Available temperature range: from 28 to 46°C for intraperitoneal and intrapleural perfusion;
Up to 8 probes available for temperature monitoring in the Patient and along the extracorporeal circuit
Real-time graphic display of the signals from all temperature probes
Flow Rate Adjustment
Flow rates up to 2000 ml/min simplify and improve an even heat distribution during intraperitoneal and intrapleural perfusion.
Volumes Management
The System runs automatically runs the circuit priming phase and controls the fluid dynamic balancing with the Patient during the treatment; the easiness of the management always allows the user to supervise and quickly modify all the key parameters of the procedure.
Pressures Monitoring
Up to 6 sensors available for circuit’s pressure monitoring, always assuring the highest attainable safety level for the Patient and the OR staff.
User interface
The dynamic and “user-friendly” interface of the Performer® HT System allows easier and faster learning of all treatment available functions. Automatic procedures for treatment recovery and the “Online help” screens help the user to cope with any situation promptly, effectively and safely.
By-pass function
By diverting liquid path during the Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal or Intrapleural Perfusion, the By-pass automatic special function allows the user to temporarily exclude the Patient from the circulation, keeping at the same time both solution recirculation and warming at the preset temperature.
Performer® HT, is a System designed and developed according to the defined intended use - Hyperthermic Perfusion - and the most updated safety Standards, with the aim of guaranteeing and preserving the safety of Patients and OR staff throughout the treatment.
Traceability and Data Recording
The System stores all the information about personal data, treatment parameters and occurrences; by means of USB stick or Compact Flash Memory Card, the easiness of data management allows the user to create specific and detailed database.
Additional features
Tubing filling automatic procedure
Online trouble shooting
Two-hour endurance UPS system
Integrated printer
Electrical height adjustment of the equipment for easier transport, storage and use
“Hang & Go” Kit
Performer® HT System includes a pre-assembled disposable kit, which allows to set up the equipment in minutes, thus reducing the number of connections and minimizing the risk of wrong operations.
Main features
Ability to manage up to 9 liters of solution
Total filtration area: 1500 cm²
30 ppi pre-filter for debris filtration
Two-stage filter for cell clusters filtration and cell fragmentation retention
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